I’m always looking for new ways to organize online inspiration for those days when nothing in my closet works. My obsession started with fashion blogs. At first, I just read a few. Then my bookmarks slowly showed a collection of 10 blogs. Then, that turned to 20. I remember checking each website every single day waiting for that new post. When I discovered Bloglovin it was a miracle! I no longer had to scroll through my favorites hoping I didn’t miss a post. My all time favorite website has to be Pinterest. It’s a place where you can post any image that you find inspiring or just pretty. You can bond with other people through a shared love of stripes or metallics. I use it to find new recipes, outfit inspirations, check up on trends and new ways to decorate my room. I’ve even found ideas for my sister’s wedding. There is definitely something for everyone on Pinterest. Now, my newest find: stylitics. It’s the dream website. Being able to upload your clothes and save past outfits- count me in. It’s the closest us mere mortal will ever get to that magical contraption Cher has in Clueless. If only we could all search an online database of our wardrobe for outfits. While I’m still exploring it, Stylitics will be a great new place to share my fashion inspiration.


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