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Quick post before I head on the bus to go home for spring break!! As much as I love heels, I’m a flats girl at heart.

Shoe Round-up

My current flats inspiration: bright colors, patterns, bows, glitter.

Have a great weekend! Mine will be spent catching up with family, friends, eating lots of food, and of course shopping!

Shoe Round-up by treerochelle featuring bow shoes

1 Shoe 2 Ways

I love oxfords. They are just so versatile. Here are two casual outfits based on these Dolce Vita oxfords. There are many days when all I want is an outfit full of neutrals. The first look is definitely an example of that. Even though it only contains grey and brown, it doesn’t look boring. Great for when you want to throw an outfit together last minute. The bottom outfit is my go-to style for casual summer days. Denim shorts, stripe shirt- you can’t go wrong.

1 Shoe 2 Ways by treerochelle featuring high waisted shorts

Summer Inspiration

Just some quick warm weather inspiration! With spring here we can finally look forward to sandals! I gravitate towards flat sandals, like the Rebecca Minkoff ones (that neon pink color will certainly get you some attention), but I’ve been inspired by chunky wedges and heels. I may never be able to walk in those floral ALDO wedges, but a girl can dream! I will continue to be inspired by neon and neutrals- polar opposites, but a great combo!

Summer Inspiration by treerochelle featuring leather sandals

All That glitters

Kind of obsessed with this outfit. It’s feminine and edgy- my favorite combination. I can’t even decide which is my favorite piece. Leather skirts have been popping up everywhere, and I love the cut on this one. The pink lace top adds a romantic element to the outfit. But the shoes. Those sparkly lace up wedges combine everything I’ve been in love with this year. Pink and black is a classic combo that will never get old!

All That glitters by treerochelle featuring a tux jacket


I’ve found that by wearing more exercise appropriate clothes, my workouts have gotten better. This applies to everything from the treadmill to zumba (slight obsession). Gone are the days where I exercise in sweatpants and an old t-shirt. I’ve exchanged those outfits for more updated and dare I say more stylish attire. I know the gym is for working out and not showing off your new beauty routine, but who says the gym can’t be a place for style? So impress those treadmills with your fashion forward neon gym bra and conquer that cardio. Exercise is all about improving your health- for yourself, and so is fashion.


Exercise In Style

Above is my inspiration for exercise clothes. I wish my entire wardrobe was filled with lululemon, but I don’t have the budget for that. Instead, I present to you Old Navy. The savior of a budget zumba go-er who strives for a cute workout wardrobe.

My inspiration: bright colors, color blocking,mint, and a hint of patterns.

Exercise In Style by treerochelle featuring a sports activewear

A delicious coconut cupcake from Lost Dog Cafe

A new favorite food- sweet potato waffle fries

A chocolate milkshake

Making rice krispy treats with my culinary club

A food-filled weekend is the best type of weekend. I treated myself to a milkshake after a long week of testing. Then continued this food pampering with a 3 course meal for restaurant week for only $10!!! Needless to say a coconut cupcake had to be documented. Sweet potato fries are delicious on their own, but throw waffle fries into the mix and they become a dangerous combination. I love making rise krispy treats, but it gets very messy with the melted marshmallows. We realized microwaving the marshmallows gave a much fluffier and less messy result.


Color Blocking
Color Blocking by treerochelle featuring tri color jewelry
Color blocking is not disappearing any time soon. I used to stay away from bold colors but lately I love experimenting with different colors. It definitely takes a certain level of confidence to wear a bold color jean, especially with other bright colors. Fashion is all about having fun with what you wear, and this trend fits right into that.
Color blocking tips:
– Wear neutral accessories to tone down bold colors.
– Play with prints. My favorites are leopard, floral, and stripes!
– If you’re still hesitant, start with wearing different shades of one color
– Colors near each other on the color wheel work well together, and are less bold than paring complimentary colors
– Have fun with it!
Girly Safari
Girly Safari by treerochelle featuring yellow gold rings
I think of this as my girly-safari outfit. I never dress as one particular style. Whether I’m wearing jeans, skirts, or dresses, my outfits always have elements of different styles. Take this outfit for example. A pink skirt and lace top create a feminine vibe, but with a vest and leopard bag, it’s transformed into a slightly edgier look. Getting dressed isn’t as fun when you have to stick to a particular look. So mix it up and embrace the different parts of your personality. You don’t have to separate your girly and rocker side- combine them into a killer outfit!