I’ve found that by wearing more exercise appropriate clothes, my workouts have gotten better. This applies to everything from the treadmill to zumba (slight obsession). Gone are the days where I exercise in sweatpants and an old t-shirt. I’ve exchanged those outfits for more updated and dare I say more stylish attire. I know the gym is for working out and not showing off your new beauty routine, but who says the gym can’t be a place for style? So impress those treadmills with your fashion forward neon gym bra and conquer that cardio. Exercise is all about improving your health- for yourself, and so is fashion.


Exercise In Style

Above is my inspiration for exercise clothes. I wish my entire wardrobe was filled with lululemon, but I don’t have the budget for that. Instead, I present to you Old Navy. The savior of a budget zumba go-er who strives for a cute workout wardrobe.

My inspiration: bright colors, color blocking,mint, and a hint of patterns.

Exercise In Style by treerochelle featuring a sports activewear
Scoop neck top– lululemon
Sweatshirt hoody– lululemon
Activewear, $78- lululemon
Arise Bra, $42- lululemon
Old Navy activewear shorts, $17
Old Navy sports activewear, $15
Old Navy sports activewear, $15
lululemon arise bra