I’ve had a week filled with great food, shopping, and friends, and that, is what I call a successful vacation.

I spent Tuesday walking around the city with a few of my friends. We went to Max Brenner and were mesmerized by all the chocolate ( self-proclaimed chocoholic right here).

{Swiss Miss whipped cream chocolate from Max Brenner}

{ Hazelnut frappe from Max Brenner}

{Yummy waffle fries from Max Brenner}

I had a delicious margherita panini that came with these amazing waffle fries. Also pictured above is my  swiss whipped cream chocolate, and a hazelnut frappe. Needless to say I was in a food coma after this.

Of course, there was shopping. We browsed through the large Forever 21 that is near by and I managed to find this striped dress (royal/yellow color) for only $12.50! It’s always a good shopping day when each friend leaves with a little something.

{Pumpkin scone (left), banana blackberry scone (right)- soooo tasty}

{Chocolate chai tea}

{ Cute menus with Alice references}

I went back to the city the next day, this time with my mom and sister. We went to Alice’s Tea Cup on West 73rd, and I loved it. The scones were amazing. I had a pumpkin scone and a banana blackberry scone (amazing combo) with chocolate chai tea (pictured above). I will some up the experience saying I thought everything was delicious. They even had Alice themed teapots. My sister ended up with Alice salt and pepper shakers.

This week is going by way too fast. I’m not ready to go back to studying, but only about 1 1/2 months until summer vacation!