Neutral Eyes

Neutral Eyes by treerochelle featuring a lorac eye-shadow

I only recently joined the Naked palette bandwagon and have to say it is amazing. It has fueled my love of neutral smokey eyes for day or night. Now that I have began my obsession with eyeshadow palettes, here are a few others worth trying. The Urban Decay basics palette is probably the most talked about palette. Maybe you’re a bit of a makeup hipster and don’t want to follow the trends, but when a mob of makeup obsessed people tell you a palette is worthy, you listen to them. I also heard great reviews for the Lorac Pro Palette and plan on checking that out at Sephora soon. Last, the Stila In The Know Palette, also a well known palette. Stila has a whole line of “in the” palettes, all worth checking. This one has been my favorite based on looks alone because of its versatile nature.  Basically, neutral eyeshadows are the black/white of beauty.

Lorac eye shadow

NYX eyeshadow