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This Thanksgiving I am inspired to create a more festive table for my family! I wanted to share some fun and easy ideas for a pretty Thanksgiving table.

Place Cards

  • Tie a bow with ribbon around pine cones and write guests’ names on one side of the bow.
  • Use colorful construction paper to create leaves, then string them onto twine and wrap around napkins, writing guests’ names on one of the leaves.
  • If you’re celebrating Chanukah too, use blue ribbon or leaves to combine the two holidays.
  • Write names on mini pumpkins.


  • A while tablecloth creates a clean and simple backdrop for colorful decorations.
  • Blue accents evoke a festive Chanukah feel to the table.
  • Orange or brown will remind guests’ of Fall leaves.

Table Decorations

  • A few small pumpkin scented candles lit and displayed in the center of the table.
  • Display mini pumpkins.
  • You can also spray paint the pumpkins different colors like gold or silver.
  • Create your own cornucopia centerpiece with different size pumpkins and butternut squash.
Classy in Houndstooth

Classy in Houndstooth by treerochelle featuring a three quarter sleeve shift dress

The continuation of me styling a dress for Fall. Instead of traditional all black ensembles, I opted for these beautiful burgundy boots and a grey coat ( in love with every item). I need to remind myself color is out there and I can wear a colorful bag or coat. I love dark colors but there is a certain confidence that comes from a bright bold outfit. Nothing lifts my mood like a cobalt blue dress (in my imagination). While I will continue my dark wardrobe, I will also keep in mind the beautiful colors out there to add some brightness to the winter (cheesy I know).

This year, Thanksgiving is not just Thanksgiving, but Thanksgivukkah! My fellow Jews will join me in the plain weirdness that is Thanksgivukkah. I’ve gotten into the holiday, but at first, the idea of mixing gelt with stuffing seemed unnatural. With the explosion of decor ideas (hello menurkey) and delicious recipes, this holiday mash-up may be a secret miracle (slight Chanukah joke). I’ve compiled a few of my online recipe finds to make your Thanksgiving a little more like Chanukah! I will be making some of these for my family, especially the challah stuffing! 

Cranberry Applesauce 

Challah Apple Stuffing 

Pecan Pie Rugelach 

Pumpkin Coffee Cake with Brown Sugar Streusel 


Sweet Potato Kugel 



Cold Weather Style: Dresses

Cold Weather Style: Dresses by treerochelle featuring retro print dresses

Busting out the tights are out doesn’t mean you have to banish your dresses for the Winter. Dresses are my favorite article of clothing no matter the season, especially Winter. It sounds a bit strange to be excited over dresses in Winter as opposed to chunky sweaters for fuzzy socks. Don’t worry, I love all clothes, but an instant outfit is to wear a 3/4 sleeve dress (or sweater dress) with thick tights, tall boots, a chunky scarf, a blazer and done! You can wear an infinite amount of variations of this outfit “formula” this season and the next. You don’t have to shy away from prints either! My favorite winter patterns are more subdued than in the Summer, but still add interest to an outfit.


Zara dress

Zara dress

Gap dress

Gap dress
Thanksgiving Inspiration: Autumnal Colors

Thanksgiving Inspiration: Autumnal Colors by treerochelle featuring brown high heel boots

While not complete outfits I give to you some visual stimuli for your Thanksgiving day/evening/night! Not everyone jumps on the color theme wagon, but if you love yourself some autumnal colors, I suggest incorporating orange, brown and burgundy into your outfit. Whether you wear just one, or find a way to mix all 3, your outfit will surely scream Fall! Thanksgiving! I love colors that resemble leaves! Speaking of leaves, I hear so much about the Bath and Body Works leaves candle I feel obligated to check it out. I chose a lot of accessories because they are my favorite way to wear trends or holiday colors.

Cold Weather Style: OTK Boots

Cold Weather Style: OTK Boots by treerochelle featuring a knit dress

I love the idea of over the knee boots, but the execution takes a lot more planning, especially for a petite girl like myself. The easiest way to rock the otk boot is with a sweater dress. You can stay warm and control how much leg you actually show. Using a skirt would be simple, but then you venture into the 90’s Clueless territory which is a tricky one. My looks lately verge towards classic and more minimalistic which I love for the colder months. I’m in love with this Michael Kors bag it is the perfect addition and my inspiration for this look. I admit to falling into the fall neutrals trap where suddenly you’re wearing black everyday.

Easy tips to add some color:

  • Invest in a colorful winter coat to throw on any outfit
  • Wear colorful or printed scarves to add interest
  • Colorful statement necklace/bracelets
  • Colorful beanie


Acne Studios knit dress
$345 –

Zara coat

Black tight
$7.95 –

Satchel handbag

Alexis Bittar necklace

Banana Republic gold jewelry

Thanksgiving Style: Cozy

Thanksgiving Style: Cozy by treerochelle featuring black pants

We all know the thanksgiving drill. Eat as much as you can and feel no guilt. At. All. I will be working on thanksgiving which is my excuse for eating a little extra dessert. I will be a little more dressed up at my thanksgiving feast since I’m coming home straight from work, but a big meal doesn’t have to mean a big fancy outfit. I love the idea of wearing my coziest but clothes to dinner, of course adding a statement necklace and cute boots. I’ll be posting more thanksgiving inspired posts up until the big turkey day!

Raxevsky grey herringbone jacket
$130 –

Topshop black pants

Old Navy blue socks

Sole Society army boots

Organization Tips

Organization Tips by treerochelle featuring an ivory jewelry box

I’ve been trying to really organize my room, not just creating temporary solutions aka throwing things into drawers. I love clear drawers for makeup and I know they are a favorite among beauty gurus. Clear drawers although everything to have a place but you can see each and every product. My earrings are always getting lost but a box with tiny compartments are perfect for earrings and small necklaces. Instead of throwing your scarves in a drawer, hang them on a scarf hanger. These will be the strange circular hangers and I love them. Shoes seem easy to organize yet there is never enough room for all our shoes. I rely on shoe racks that can be placed on the floor of my closet or on display for decoration.

Other organization tips:

  • Keep tights, hats, and other small items in colorful boxes that you can pile on top of each other.
  • Tiered hangers will save space in a small closet.
  • Put sweaters in a sweater rack.
  • Hang decorative hooks on the wall to display statement jewelry
Current Favorites

Current Favorites by treerochelle featuring The Body Shop

A few of my favorite beauty and skincare favorites. I got the mini Body Shop body butter at Sephora and it smells just like coconut! It makes my skin feel so soft and was only 5 dollars for the small size! It comes in a lot of scents so I definitely recommend this to you guys. The Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker is on the more expensive side (16 dollars) but it is a really nice nude color and gives a little bit of a gloss. Plus, it smells really nice which is a bonus. I went into Lush for the first time recently and had to buy the whipstick. I got the chocolate orange one and boy does it smell like chocolate and orange. It takes real effort not to eat it. Last, the Philosophy Gingerbread Man shower gel/shampoo/bubble bath. I actually got this from TJ Maxx for 10 dollars! TJ Maxx is by far my favorite store to find gems and higher end products. Just call me a maxxinista.

Lip care

Philosophy bubble bath

The Body Shop body moisturizer

Sikkim Girls

Shoe Candy

Shoe Candy by treerochelle featuring leather boots

Never enough Fall boots in my opinion. Black leather boots will always be my favorite but I love the idea of a burgundy/wine bootie that plays off of Fall’s most popular color. My Fall clothing palette centers around black, burgundy, olive and leopard so why shouldn’t my shoes too? The bootie is still perfect for this coldish weather, but maybe invest in some knit tights to go along with it.