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Current Favorites by treerochelle featuring The Body Shop

A few of my favorite beauty and skincare favorites. I got the mini Body Shop body butter at Sephora and it smells just like coconut! It makes my skin feel so soft and was only 5 dollars for the small size! It comes in a lot of scents so I definitely recommend this to you guys. The Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker is on the more expensive side (16 dollars) but it is a really nice nude color and gives a little bit of a gloss. Plus, it smells really nice which is a bonus. I went into Lush for the first time recently and had to buy the whipstick. I got the chocolate orange one and boy does it smell like chocolate and orange. It takes real effort not to eat it. Last, the Philosophy Gingerbread Man shower gel/shampoo/bubble bath. I actually got this from TJ Maxx for 10 dollars! TJ Maxx is by far my favorite store to find gems and higher end products. Just call me a maxxinista.

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