Organization Tips

Organization Tips by treerochelle featuring an ivory jewelry box

I’ve been trying to really organize my room, not just creating temporary solutions aka throwing things into drawers. I love clear drawers for makeup and I know they are a favorite among beauty gurus. Clear drawers although everything to have a place but you can see each and every product. My earrings are always getting lost but a box with tiny compartments are perfect for earrings and small necklaces. Instead of throwing your scarves in a drawer, hang them on a scarf hanger. These will be the strange circular hangers and I love them. Shoes seem easy to organize yet there is never enough room for all our shoes. I rely on shoe racks that can be placed on the floor of my closet or on display for decoration.

Other organization tips:

  • Keep tights, hats, and other small items in colorful boxes that you can pile on top of each other.
  • Tiered hangers will save space in a small closet.
  • Put sweaters in a sweater rack.
  • Hang decorative hooks on the wall to display statement jewelry

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