This Thanksgiving I am inspired to create a more festive table for my family! I wanted to share some fun and easy ideas for a pretty Thanksgiving table.

Place Cards

  • Tie a bow with ribbon around pine cones and write guests’ names on one side of the bow.
  • Use colorful construction paper to create leaves, then string them onto twine and wrap around napkins, writing guests’ names on one of the leaves.
  • If you’re celebrating Chanukah too, use blue ribbon or leaves to combine the two holidays.
  • Write names on mini pumpkins.


  • A while tablecloth creates a clean and simple backdrop for colorful decorations.
  • Blue accents evoke a festive Chanukah feel to the table.
  • Orange or brown will remind guests’ of Fall leaves.

Table Decorations

  • A few small pumpkin scented candles lit and displayed in the center of the table.
  • Display mini pumpkins.
  • You can also spray paint the pumpkins different colors like gold or silver.
  • Create your own cornucopia centerpiece with different size pumpkins and butternut squash.