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The Graphic Tee

The Graphic Tee by treerochelle featuring pink tote bags

Bag Spotlight: Mini Bags

Bag Spotlight: Mini Bags by treerochelle featuring crossbody handbags

I usually prefer smaller bags because I don’t carry my whole life with me. It’s easier to throw your wallet and phone into a cute cross-body and swing it over your shoulders. As much as I love bags with cute handles being hands free is way easier, especially to a coffee lover. The pinkish bag is a bit bright for Fall, but who says there’s a color rulebook for each season. It does go against my love of neutrals during the cold weather thing, but we all need a change sometimes. Black is everyone’s staple but don’t discount grey, the sometimes neglected neutral.

1 Blouse 2 Ways

1 Blouse 2 Ways by treerochelle featuring denim jeans

I’m probably not alone in becoming obsessed with an item of clothing and wanting to wear it every way possible. The best clothes are the versatile ones. For this fact alone I’m grateful color blocking and pattern mixing are still in style since it doubles our opportunity to wear our clothes. I love seeing one item styled for both casual and evening looks which is what I give to you today. The blouse is my favorite transitional piece. Whether transition to you means summer to fall, winter to spring, day to night, etc. the blouse has a place in each of them. For day, you can throw it over jeans with a tall boot, a cute bag, simple jewelry and done. chic. comfortable. For night, show off your stealth pattern mixing abilities with a printed blazer, but keep the rest of the outfit more subdued ( and by that I mean leather, stilettos and powder blue clutches). We could talk about blouses for days so I will leave you with the image of Jimmy Choo heels we all wish we owned.