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Spring Colors

Spring Colors by treerochelle featuring sleeveless tank tops

Color Blocking
Color Blocking by treerochelle featuring tri color jewelry
Color blocking is not disappearing any time soon. I used to stay away from bold colors but lately I love experimenting with different colors. It definitely takes a certain level of confidence to wear a bold color jean, especially with other bright colors. Fashion is all about having fun with what you wear, and this trend fits right into that.
Color blocking tips:
– Wear neutral accessories to tone down bold colors.
– Play with prints. My favorites are leopard, floral, and stripes!
– If you’re still hesitant, start with wearing different shades of one color
– Colors near each other on the color wheel work well together, and are less bold than paring complimentary colors
– Have fun with it!
sheer and simple
I love how simple this outfit is. The sheer skirt adds a bit of drama to an otherwise basic outfit. Those boots need to find their way into my closet right now. I’ve become obsessed with lace up ankle boots, and these are a perfect addition to my wardrobe.
sheer and simple by treerochelle featuring a black bootie

FRIENDLY HUNTING gray cashmere sweater
€249 –

Miss Selfridge burgundy skirt
£17 –

Dorothy Perkins black bootie
£32 –